ITSC code ::XtremeApps::

I took part in ITSC [Information Technology Standards Committee] code ::XtremeApps:: competition over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd of September 2007. It was a 24-hour coding competition requiring the use of Ruby on Rails (RoR) or Google Web Toolkit (GWT) or Google Maps or Google Gadgets to code an application based on a given theme. It asked for a 3 member team and was open to all (including working professionals). This brochure details the competition.

My team (consisting of Aaron Lee Kwang Siong, Clint Mark Lumantao Gono and I – dubbed ‘Code Finders’) were among the 5 teams from over 73 teams that participated that were awarded a merit certificate for their effort.

Here’s a letter from the ITSC chairman stating the same:

The theme was tourism and hospitality and we tried to code a trip planner. I believe we came close to winning the competition, we just needed to think through a bit more before hacking away at it. We could’ve gone in more prepared, that would’ve helped too. Though it was a good experience and introduced me to the Google calendar API which is something I use everyday.

I would love to take part in this competition again (I hear it’s going to be held again, next year) and this time I’d reckon the code-finders having a good chance at the first prize.


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