Course Audits

During my time at SMU, I attended many courses without them appearing on my transcript with a grade or any credit. This was essentially the case because there is a limit on the number of course units you can take up per semester. A secondary benefit of this was, I could take up a course of my fancy and focus on the learning while the others crammed for grades.

I took up Introduction to Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Computer as an Analysis Tool, Networking, Counseling and Facilitation as sit-ins / audit courses. There are also a number of other courses I sit-in for, for a few classes, but these are he one I saw through till the end.

I believe that I learnt the most from the psychology courses and I shall elaborate a bit on them here:

The Psychology courses were taught by prof. Kiveli Filmeridis, and introduced concepts like the memory and the hippocampus (a part of the temporal lobe) and why we have a limited capacity for about 5 +/- 2 items and how this can be improved up on by chunking (and other means). The course also covered sleep, dreams, sensory system, language etc. and provided for a sound foundation for my interest in psychology.

The cultural psychology course further fueled my interest and apart from highlighting significant differences among various culture-bearing-units, it also taught me how ethnographies should be used and how scientific experiments should be set up. I learned here how to operationalize the study to achieve valuable, measurable information and insights.

Below is an image of the farewell lunch for prof. Kiveli at her retirement:

Lunch with Kiveli - Farewell

It’s amazing how much more one learns when their interests are guided by intrinsic motivation. I’ll be looking to attend the course titled “Business Applications of Biological Systems” which covers interesting topics like the ecology-economy equivalence, chaos theory, fractals (the forgotten latent patterns behind everything) to name a few.

… Because the learning never stops …


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