During my undergrad (and masters), I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with multiple and varied research projects under different supervisors. It was a great learning opportunity, the process itself provided an insight into how the world of academia works. Also how one frames research questions and goes about finding acceptably valid answers to them.

Here is a list of projects I’ve been involved with:

CC-Montior Prof. Giorgos Cheliotis
Prof. Warren Chic
(Prof. Giri Tayi)
Co-authored 3 conference papers.
Member of the Creative Commons Singapore team.
US Patents in China Prof. Kenneth Huang Worked all the patents filed in China from 1985 to 2007.
Matched against US patents using citations
Calculated indices such as Relative Technology Advantage (RTA)
Formula1 DB Prof. Neil Jones Data extraction (58 years of data) for F1 results.
Cab Tracker Prof. Rajesh Balan
Prof. Jason Woodard
Analysis of GPS data for about 70% of the nation’s taxis over 6 months; Billions of data points.
Worked on finding inefficient and illegal driving behaviours.
Also made a clustered mapping visualization to determine the taxi fleet’s geographical distribution.
Mobiverse Prof. Rajesh Balan
(Prof. Jialie Shen)
This project explored contextual mobile applications.

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