CC-Monitor (Research)

This page is all about the CC-Monitor project I’ve been involved with as a research assistant to Prof. Giorgos Cheliotis.

The main research questions for are:

1.) How popular is the use of licensing models whereby the author does not reserve all the rights granted by copyright law?

2.) What does the use of such licenses tell us about the future of participatory media and copyright law?

CC-Monitor is an humble attempt to study the distribution of content licensed under Creative Commons [CC].

The Creative Commons (CC) is a set of libral licenses often used when content is published online, and with the aim of complementing existing copyright law by providing the authors an opportunity to define the rights and restrictions associted with the use of their content. This is a “Some Rights Reserved” model as compared the copyrights model of “All Rights Reserved” or the Public Domain model of “No Rights Reserved”.

Click play below to *see* what CC is all about.

Creativity Always Builds upon the Past:

Wanna Work Together?


We are trying to measure the amount of content licensed under the various CC licenses and based on the distribution of usage and try to understand which licenses people are making a conscience choice to use and what could be the motivation for these choices. This could potentially be useful for future policy making and understanding how licensing issues are percieved by the masses.

Presently we are working to set up a “Time Series” for daily collection of content volume from the various jurisdictions which have the CC-localized licenses. We are using both Yahoo’s and Google’s indices to collect the data. I will be posting the research related material here [like the code for the data collection script I wrote] under a CC BY-NC license.

CC-Monitor has been a fun and rewarding experience and was really nice to have been able to co-author academic research papers at undergradute level*. I am looking forward to taking this to the next level. =)

*Co-authored a research paper titled “Measuring the Commons which was presented at SCECR 2007 in Connecticut

*Co-authored a research paper titled “Taking Stock of the Creative Commons Experiment” which was presented at 35th TPRC 07 in Arlington, Virginia.

I missed out on the chance to go to the Creative Commons International-Commons Summit 2007, as it coincided with the Apple World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 07. I’ve included the slides here for your viewing.

Click here for the latest updates on CC-Monitor.


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