Formula 1

Formula 1 LogoPerchance it so happened that Prof. Neil Jones was looking for a research assistant (RA) to help him collect and organize data pertaining to Formula 1 races. Prof. Jason was helping him in this search for the elusive RA and asked if I’d be interested. I offered to help and after a weekend (mostly spent in locating the appropriate data source) we had the data and one happy prof. Later he sent out the following email (partial) to prof. Jason and the dean:

“Thank you so much Ankit!
You cannot understand what a help it is to suddenly have 19,502 data points over 58 years — and in the blink of an eye. I am extremely grateful to you, Jason and IS in general for saving me weeks of work. (My next problem is likely to be manipulating and analyzing a dataset this big!).”

Although I will be busy with a myriad of research projects (from Creative Commons to setting up a Mobile Testbed to Studying the impact of cross-jurisdictional patenting) among other things; I would probably like to help out with this over the summer if thats an option. Lets see how things progress, for now, we have one content prof. =)


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