SMU School of Information Systems (SIS)

I am presently pursuing a Bachelors (of Science) in Information Systems Management (with a second Major in Marketing) at the School of Information Systems (SIS), Singapore Management University (SMU).

To me it’s not a place where I study but rather a second home, a home of ‘higher’ learning. Being here I have the opportunity to:

  • Develop applications that are really used by an international bank, at the I-Lab
  • Mingle with Masters and PhD students, and work with them on their projects
  • Get deeply involved in research and co-author academic research papers
  • Attend interesting conferences like the State of Play, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference etc.
  • Pursue the learning of my fancy; I’ve audited (attended for the sole purpose of learning) a number of courses including but not limited to, Introduction to Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Networking, Counseling & Facilitation etc.
  • Spearhead student initiatives and events; Being in the SMU Information Systems Society (SISS) in my freshman year was indeed empowering. It was also great being involved in the orientation camp (MetamorphoSIS) among a myriad of other events. I look forward to setting up the ‘Interactive and Digital Media’ lab at SMU.
  • Participate in a number of student clubs and activities like Red-Cross, Open Source Software Society and Sky-diving to name a few.
  • Interact with many varied interesting people, daily!

Yes at times there are dead-ends and requirements to be met, but if you really want something, you find a way to have it. As it was eloquently put in the leaves of ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho; “… When you know what you want, the whole world conspires with you to achieve it …”

Then there is “… ask not what your university can do for you but what you can do for your university …”; Apart from working with the I-Lab, taking up leadership roles in SISS, getting immersed in research, representing the university at conferences like WWDC, participating in events like MetamorphoSIS etc. I have tried to contribute by …

  • Participating in school events like Patron’s day, Vivace (CCA day), Open house (where in 2005 I spearheaded the open house video project and was involved in the editing of the publication materials distributed to prospective students) .
  • Adding to the richness of our student experiences by voicing my opinions in PRISM, Vie and other student publications.
  • Volunteering to be a peer mentor for Java, C#, Alice etc.

Things I am presently involved in are arranging for funding for students going to represent the university at events like WWDC and setting up of a Interactive and Digital Media Lab.

Things I am looking to get involved with before the end of my university days is to help setup a commendable web presence for the international student community and to encourage podcasting of lectures and classes and promote it to a wider audience.

Signing Off,


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